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2017Criminal Justice Profile Alumnus/Alumni/Ortiz.jpg2LT, US Army <p>2LT Angel Ortiz is currently an Assistant Plans Officer and the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment Safety Officer of the 503d Military Police Battalion (Airborne) at Fort Bragg North Carolina. </p><p>After graduating and commissioning from the University of Delaware with a degree in Criminal Justice and branching Military Police, 2LT Ortiz went on to graduate his 16 week Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. At BOLC, commissioned Officers are instructed on their basic tasks that are specific to their branch in the United States Army. Here 2LT Ortiz learned all the jobs and responsibilities of a Military Police officer both domestic and abroad. Upon graduation of BOLC 2LT Ortiz moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina and was assigned to the 503d Military Police Battalion (Airborne) working as an Assistant Plans Officer, planning training events and Airborne Operations. 2LT Ortiz is also the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment Safety Officer, ensuring all safety rules and regulations are in order for the detachment. After a few months working in the planning office 2LT Ortiz will move down to head a platoon as a platoon leader.</p><p>As a student 2LT Ortiz took advantage of the many clubs, teams and resources the University of Delaware had to offer. 2LT Ortiz was a member of the Blue Hen Veterans club, participating in many activities such as the Face of America 120 mile bike ride from Washington D.C. to Gettysburg. 2LT Ortiz was captain of many intramural teams to include; dodge ball, softball, basketball, football, and volleyball. Lastly 2LT Ortiz helped start a non profit through the Ventures Develop Center, called Reviresco which aims to build civilian-military relations through educational programs in high schools and universities as well as an annual cross country run to spread their mission state to state. </p><p>As a Cadet 2LT Ortiz was developed into a commissioned officer through the University of Delaware's Army Reserved Officer Training Corp (ROTC). 2LT Ortiz contracted into the United States Army as a sophomore and was presented with many developing experiences through his remaining years in the program. 2LT Ortiz graduated from Air Assault School, specializing in sling load and Air Assault Operations, was Team Leader of the 4th Brigade ROTC Ranger Challenge 1st place team, earned the gold standard in the German Armed Forced Military Proficiency Badge, completed the Norwegian 30 kilometer Ruck March twice, placed second in the Boston Marathon Military Division, completed three Army 10 Miler Races, and attended the George C. Marshall Leadership Conference. <br></p> Profile Alumnus/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=20

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Alumni Profiles
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